Original Xiaoda Automatic Water Saver Tap Smart Faucet Sensor Infrared Water Energy Saving Device Kitchen Nozzle Tap


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  • Brand Name: HDXIAODA
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: Xiaomi Xiaoda Automatic Water Saver Tap
  • Kitchen Faucet Accessories Type: Kitchen Faucet Spouts
  • Type: Kitchen Faucet Accessories
  • Brand Name: XIAOMI
  • Brand Name2: XIAODA
  • State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go
  • Features: Slot
  • Control Channels: 2 Channels
  • Gyro: Xiaomi Water Saver Tap
  • Max Speed: Xiaomi Xiaoda Induction Water Saver

Original Xiaoda Smart Sensor Faucet Infrared Sensor Automatic Water Saver Tap Anti-overflow Kitchen Inductive Faucet

Note: This product comes from Xiaomi ecological chain, so there is not any MI logo on it.

Brand: Xiaomi
Product: Xiaoda Automatic Water Saving Switch
Color: White
Power Consumption: ≤0.2mW
Hydraulic Pressure: 0.05-0.8MPa
Working Water Temperature: ≤75°C
Sensing Range: Side sensing 0-5cm / bottom sensing 0-10cm
Water Consumption: Water use efficiency
Waterproof Rating: IPX6
Product Weight: Approx. 105g
Product Size: Approx. 6.0*4.9*3.4cm/2.36*1.93*1.34in
Package Weight: Approx. 260g
Package Size: Approx. 19*12.6*3.7cm/7.5* 4.96 *1.46in

Product Description:
1. Water flow out by sensing, no need transfer stains or touch the faucet, just reach out your hand.
2. Saving water effectively with two sensing modes (bottom and side sensor)
3. Instant mode: bottom sensor (0-10cm sensing distance) for fast water flowing, auto-stopping after 20-second water flowing out.
4. Continuous mode: side sensor (0-5cm sensing distance) makes the water flow out for 3 minutes.
5. Optimized infrared sensing combined with MCU algorithm and air injection technology, energy-saving and eco-friendly design for smart life.
6. Small size, easy installation, 6 kinds adapters for common mainstream faucets
7. Use USB cable to charge, 3-hour charging time for up to 6 months use (theoretically)
8. 6 sets of adapters (M20/M22/G1/2 internal & M20/M22/M24 external adapters)

Package Contents:
Water Saving Device x 1
Wrench x 1
Seal Ring x 3
Mounting Adapter x 6
Instruction manual x 1

Automatic Water Saver Tap

Intelligent sensor: Sensor water out/ Save water/ East to disassemble/ Long battery life/ Overflow protection

Long Endurance Time

With the way USB charging, the full charge time is about 3 hours, and it can be used for about 6 months. When the battery is low, it lights up to remind you to charge.

Air injection technique

Air injection technology increases the proportion of air in the process of water out, making the water spray soft and delicate, with more scouring power. At the same time, reduce the time of not being used effectively, so that the water flow rate reached 0.07L/S Water saving and environmental protection.

Convenient to Install

Retain the original faucet, with the supporting tools can easily complete the installation process.

Instant mode

Bottom sensor
When the induced object enters the bottom sensing area(effective distance is within 10cm), the water will flow out. When the induced object leaves the bottom sensing area, the water will flow stop. When the water flowing time than 20 seconds, the water will automatic water stop.

Storage mode

Side sensor
When the induced object enters the side sensing area(effective distance is within 5 cm), the water will flow out for 3 minutes. Even if the induced object leaves, the water will flow out. In the process of flow out, If the induced object enters the side sensing area again, the water flow will stop.

Overflow Protection

Built-in storage capacitance, it can timely close the valve to prevent water from flowing out even if the device is power off.

Dual induction

Two groups of induction area, two water outlet mode, 0.25-second quick induction, intelligent and convenient.

Innovative Technology

Innovative technology design, MCU algorithm and pulse interval sampling were used to optimize infrared induction which reduced the energy consumption of the product and ensure the consistency and stability of the product in complex environments.

Simple design style, suitable to a variety of home style.

compact design

6pcs Mounting adapters

Suitable for mainstream faucets in the market

Basic parameters


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